SelfScore Announces 2017–2018 International Student Scholarship Recipients

Meet the six graduate and six undergraduate students who will each receive a $5,000 scholarship.

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Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the following recipeints of our 2017-2018 International Student Scholarship

Alejandro D.

Chemical Engineering

Saem J.

Drexel University

Havan A.

University of Washington
Data Science

Emilie F.

UC Berkeley
Environmental Sciences

Stephanie M.

Northwestern University

Francesco F.

University of Miami

Maria A.

Mercer University
International Affairs

Harshdeep B.

University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

Xuzhe C.

University of Utah

Melanie L.

Duke University

Saurav S.

Nicholls State University

Bilgutei E.

San Francisco State University
Business Administration

I am extremely honored to be a recipient of this scholarship. This scholarship relieves me from the burden of looking for a part-time job, and will allow me to focus on my academics. My dream is to be a professor in computer science, and this scholarship will help me work towards that goal, with renewed determination. Thank you, SelfScore, for your generosity.

Havan A.
University: University of Washington
Major: Data Science